These Are The Geekiest Colleges According To HerCampus' 2013 Ranking

The 10 Geekiest Colleges
funny guy showing your product
funny guy showing your product

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has been crowned the geekiest school in the country by HerCampus. What else would you expect from a school where students programmed a robot to separate an Oreo cookie?

But let's be clear, being named a "geekiest school" is definitely not an insult. For one, these are some of the most prestigious colleges in the country, and their geekier graduates will probably make more money than most of us.

Plus, we're big fans of the quirkier things students at these schools do, like turning a building into a giant Tetris game or creating one of the most luxurious beer pong tables we've ever seen.

HerCampus, a website for women in college, utilized responses from their student experts at more than 200 colleges and universities nationwide for their rankings.

Check out the 10 geekiest colleges below and head over to HerCampus for more rankings.

10. Case Western Reserve University
Wikimedia Commons: Yassie
9. Swarthmore College
8. The University of Chicago
7. Drexel University
Pictured: The future Drexel Smart House
6. Johns Hopkins University
5. Reed College
Wikimedia Commons: 7265
4. California Institute of Technology
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wikimedia Commons: Nick Stenning
2. College of William & Mary
1. Carnegie Mellon University
Wikimedia Commons: Daderot

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