The Geekiest Cookies Ever (PHOTOS)

The Geekiest Cookies Ever (PHOTOS)

Cookies may not have motherboards, SIM cards, chips, or cables, but that doesn't mean they can't be techie.

Whether with sweaters, cakes, or accessories, sometimes die-hard nerds need a an unusual way to show their love for all things tech. With some creativity, icing, and skill, simple sugar cookies can be transformed into high-tech homages that are both geeky and great--a sure cure for any gamer, Apple fanboy, or programmer's sweet tooth.

From circuit boards to contamination suits, game boys to iPhone apps, Ms. Humble at NotSoHumblePie and others have created beautiful, edible tech themed-creations that put some nerd attitude into baked goods.

Check them out below, then send us yours! Hungry for more? See the geekiest wedding cakes of all time.

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