Futurama Proposal: Man Pops The Question In Binary Code

WATCH: Man Pulls Off The Geekiest Proposal EVER

We've seen plenty of nerdy engagements before, but this man's unique binary code proposal takes the cake.

YouTube user doctorpappa took the message "Rachel, you are awesome. Will you marry me?" and translated it into binary code -- the language computers use to translate and process information. Binary code uses two digits, 0 and 1, to encode messages.

But instead of passing the coded message along to his girlfriend on, say, a slip of paper, he videotaped himself reciting the entire coded message -- an endless litany of zeros and ones -- while dressed as Bender, a robot from Comedy Central's animated television series "Futurama."

He then posted the video on his girlfriend's Facebook wall.

Seem strange? Maybe to us. But for Rachel, it was the perfect proposal.

She told Geekologie, "My boyfriend told me I had to close my laptop for a couple minutes, then when I logged back on and this was posted to my Facebook wall. He sat across the room as I transcribed and then decoded it. After about a half hour I found out it says, 'Rachel, you are awesome. Will you marry me?' I said yes, of course."

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