Trans Model Geena Rocero: We Need To Stop Looking At Bruce Jenner 'From The Conversation Of This Victim Mentality'

Geena Rocero is eager for the conversation surrounding Bruce Jenner to evolve past a lamentation of the 65 years the former Olympian spent hiding his gender and into a celebration of the promising future he now has as an out and proud transgender woman.

"We have to move on from the conversation of this victim mentality," the trans model and activist told HuffPost Live on Monday. "We need to start from this conversation of healing and thriving."

Rocero, who publicly came out as trans while delivering a TED talk in 2014, affirmed that the process of declaring her true identity was a "healing moment," and she argues the same was likely true for Jenner.

"I freed myself," she said. "The moment you completely show your true authentic self, your world has changed. We all have our own little version of truth, so the more we live in our truth, it's a much healthier world."

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