Run -- Don't Walk -- From The 'Geese Tsunami' (VIDEO)

Forget the sharknado. How about a geese tsunami instead?

This incredible scene of geese taking off was captured by Maikel Parets near Richmond, British Columbia, just outside Vancouver.

"Warning," he writes in a disclaimer on YouTube, "I got a little too excited and the volume got a little loud." He's not lying -- you may want to turn down the volume a bit.

Parets also points out the woman at the end of the video checking for geese "droppings" in her hair. Not lying there, either.

The video got a bit of a viral boost Saturday, after George Takei posted it on Facebook, calling it "One of those what the flock moments."

According to Parets, the featured birds are snow geese, which migrate through Canada's Fraser River Delta area annually, en route from Russia's Wrangel Island. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has attributed Richmond's massive flocks to warmer, longer nesting seasons in the Arctic, a result of climate change.

WATCH the YouTube video, below:

[Hat tip, NPR]



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