Geico Creates 'Unskippable' Preroll YouTube Ads That You'll Want To Watch Till The End

Here's A Preroll Ad That You'll Want To Watch Till The End

After sitting through the first five unavoidable seconds of a YouTube preroll ad, most people don’t bother watching the spot till the end. But Geico is now hoping to change that with two new preroll commercials that promise to be “unskippable.”

Both Geico ads, created by The Martin Agency, cleverly place emphasis on the first five seconds, acknowledging that they only have those few moments to capture the audience's attention.

“You can’t skip this Geico ad,” the commercial says, “because it’s already over.”

If viewers choose to continue watching, however, they're rewarded with an unexpected and funny ending.

One of the ads features a family sitting around a dining table while another shows two friends enjoying a barbecue. Watch how the first commercial unfolds in the video above. The other ad can be viewed here:

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