Tim Geithner Made $400,000 For 3 Speeches: Report

Tim Geithner Makes $400,000 For Just 3 Speeches

It seems Tim Geithner doesn't have to be employed by Wall Street to make a Wall Street salary.

The Financial Times reports that since leaving his job at the Treasury Department in January, the former treasury secretary is raking in the cash speaking at Wall Street companies, taking home six-figure paychecks per speech.

This spring, Geithner was paid $200,000 for two speaking events at private equity firms Blackstone and Warburg Pincus, according to the Financial Times. He made another $200,000 for speaking at a Deutsche Bank conference in June.

Geithner made $199,700 in 2012 as treasury secretary, according to Bloomberg.

Some have speculated that Geithner, who helped orchestrate the bailout of large Wall Street banks during the financial crisis, would take a job in finance -- a move Geithner said is “extremely unlikely,” according to New York Magazine.

Others think Geithner may be plotting a return to the government, perhaps as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

In the meantime, speeches aren't a bad way for him to make some cash while he figures out his next move. The Financial Times reports that Bill Clinton makes about $200,000 per speech. And Alan Greenspan made about $5 million from speeches the year after he ended his run as chairman of the Federal Reserve, according to USA Today.

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