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Gel Manicure Cancer? UV Drying Technique May Lead To Health Problems, Study Finds (VIDEO)

We'd hate to rain on your OPI parade, but you may want to reconsider your biweekly manicure, especially if it's a gel one.

According to a 2009 article published in Archives of Dermatology, the quick drying, long lasting effect of gel manicures obtained through UV lights can increase your risk of cancer due to the typical 10-minute duration your hand is exposed to the nail lamps. The article looked at two cases of women who developed skin cancer on the backs of their hands, allegedly caused by repeated exposure to UV nail lamps.

Credited dermatologists like Anna M. Bender of John Hopkins University, do acknowledge that the lights can pose a health risk, but they offer an easy solution:

“Artificial UV light does elevate your risk for developing skin cancer. So people could use a sunscreen to try to block the UV from their surrounding skin.”

However, these supposed dangers of gel manicures aren't limited to the fancier nail treatments: many salons use the UV lights for regular manicures as a quick dry solution. So, manicure-loving ladies: you might be jeopardizing your health no matter what.

As if we fashionistas didn't have enough problems! We've already been warned that sleeping with makeup on can cause infections, waxing can result in raw skin and wearing tight clothes can lead to: headaches, back pain and gastro problems.

Watch the video below to learn more about the dangers of UV nail lamps, and click over to the Washington Post to read more details.