Every Street In This Dutch Neighborhood Has A Lord Of The Rings Name, Which Is Awesome

LOTR fans, your dream hath cometh true. There is a town in the Netherlands called Geldrop, and it's got a neighborhood where every street is named after a resident of Middle-earth.

They're all organized by category: The north part of the neighborhood has the Gondorian streets, like Boromir and Aragorn. The Dwarf zone has streets like Balin and Dori. There's a Rohan section where you'll find Éowyn and Éomer, and the Elven streets include Legolas and Galadriel.


There's no word on why the neighborhood decided to give itself such Tolkien-y titles, but we're glad they did. Geldrop is incredibly fun to explore on Google Maps, and it actually looks like a nice, orderly, quaint little place to live.

Seriously-- here's the green, grassy intersection of Frodo street and Laan van Tolkien (Tolkien Avenue).

Here's the little playground on the corner of Gandalf and Sam Gewissies (the Dutch name for Samwise Gamgee).

And here's the local preschool, literally named De Hobbit.

Have fun exploring Geldrop, Middle-earth on Earth!

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