Gen. Johns: John McCain "pugnacious" and "dogmatic"

Yesterday, I sat down with Brigadier General John Johns (ret.) to discuss whether or not the United States should engage nations like Iran diplomatically or whether, as Bush and McCain have asserted, that's tantamount to appeasement. In analyzing McCain's recent criticism of Senator Obama's willingness to engage Iran diplomatically, General Johns says:

It is a characteristic of people who consider themselves tough-minded, never yielding...

John McCain is a pugnacious individual. I know John well, he's an honorable person, I like him personally, but he is very dogmatic and he takes things personally. That's good to be a fighter pilot and to resist guards in a prisoner of war camp; it is not suitable for a President, in my view.

Watch the entire video here:

About General Johns:
Brigadier General John Johns (ret.) was one of three individuals to design the Army's first course on counterinsurgency and taught Counterinsurgency Doctrine at the Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg During the Vietnam War. After retirement he taught National Security Strategy and National Security Decision Making at the National Defense University for 14 years and served in the Department of Defense under Presidents Carter and Reagan.

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