These Gender-Bending Disney Characters Will Make You Rethink Those Childhood Classics

8 Stunning Gender-Bending Versions Of Disney Characters

A Canadian digital artist decided to change up some classic Disney characters.

Sakimi Chan put a gender-bending spin on some of the most familiar faces we grew up watching, and the marvelous results will make you rethink those Disney stories: What would "Beauty and the Beast" have been like if the beast were female? Or what if "101 Dalmatians" villain Cruella de Vil were a well-dressed man?

Check out the gender-bending images below, and see a full gallery on imgur:

Ariel ("The Little Mermaid")

Beau & Beast ("Beauty & The Beast")

Cruel ("101 Dalmatians")

Esmereld ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame")

Urs ("The Little Mermaid")

Maleficent ("Sleeping Beauty")

Pocahon ("Pocahontas")

Els ("Frozen")

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