'This Is Our Prom: A Prom To De-Gender' Explores Spectrum of Gender Identity

A group of young adults recently sat down with MTV to discuss what their ideal look would be at a prom where they were able to attend as their authentic selves.

Prom can be a triggering and problematic experience for high schoolers whose gender identity doesn’t fit into traditional binary categories. Oftentimes proms act as a form of gatekeeping, telling students who they can or cannot bring and what they can or cannot wear.

For this reason, MTV created the video “This Is Our Prom: A Prom To De-Gender” in which 12 individuals with diverse gender identities, including Harry Hanson AKA Amber Alert and Dark Matter's Alok Vaid-Menon, talk openly about what they would wear to their ideal prom.

“Embracing who you are and knowing your truth is an act of bravery -- especially for kids who don’t fit in with the often narrow gender norms of high school,” MTV said in a press release. “We firmly believe prom is for everyone, which is why MTV News asked 12 young adults with diverse gender identities to help us create a series of looks that celebrates the fashion and true joy that’s possible when no one is excluded.”

Check out the video of the 12 individuals from across the gender spectrum above or see some individual photos below.

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