9 Gender-Neutral Toys That Aren't Pink Or Blue

You won't find any pink kitchen sets or male action figures in this list.
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It’s hard enough to find gifts for kids that aren’t toys, much less educational toys or toys that aren’t gendered to either boys or girls.

Unfortunately, many toy aisles still specifically designate interests based on what they think little boys and little girls should like. Though there are a few gender-neutral toys at places like Walmart and Target, a lot of toys in their selections are still pretty gendered, which means it can be nearly impossible to find home-related toys that aren’t pink or action figures that are female.

Little kids can and should play with whatever toys they like, which is why giving them gender-neutral gifts gives the freedom to explore their interests without the pressures and stereotypes created by society’s gender norms. That’s something we can get behind.

With that in mind, we’ve gather nine gender-neutral toys for kids that aren’t pink or blue and cover a wide variety of interests. Take a look below:

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A dollhouse, because every child likes to play home.
Magic Cabin
This eco-friendly three-story wooden dollhouse comes in gender-neutral colors and includes practical everyday home items like 13 pieces of furniture, two dolls and a fold out backyard.
An Inventor Kit, to spark an interest in STEM.
Anyone can learn and practice STEM skills with this littleBits Base Inventor Kit that guide kids on how to build fun inventions like a voice-activated robotic gripper or room alarm system.
Plastic-free kitchen appliances, to cultivate their culinary skills
Pottery Barn
Not only do these gender-neutral wooden kitchen appliances look super chic, but they’re also interactive and come with wooden accessories like foods, utensils and more.
All of the crafts they could ever want, to unleash their inner artist.
Everything they need to make amazing art is in this Crayola Colossal Creativity Tub that includes more 90 items like crayons, markers, colored pencils, construction paper and modeling clay.
This tool set, to teach them the basics.
This gender-neutral tool set comes with 19 pieces, including a battery-powered drill, tape measure, safety goggles and more. It's perfect for familiarizing children with tools they’d need to make everyday home repairs.
Show them how to clean up after themselves
It’s never too early to give your children chores and teach them to clean up after themselves. Little ones will enjoy keeping the house clean alongside their parents with this gender-neutral dust, broom and mop set.
An instrument set, because making music is fun for everyone.
Give them everything they need to jam out with this 17-piece wooden musical instrument set that includes a recorder, kazoo, harmonica, jingle stick, xylophone and castanets.
Legos, the ultimate toys to help them build a better world.
What kid doesn’t love blocks? Encourage them to build what they want with the LEGO Large Creative Brick Box that’s fill with a classic collection of LEGO bricks in 33 different colors.
For the animal lover, a way to encourage their interest in nature.
Expand their knowledge of animals with this 60-piece animal figure toy set that comes with a wide variety of wild animals and an animal encyclopedia with facts about each animal.

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