Here's How Much Less Women Make In Each State

Here's How Much Less Women Make In Each State

If you're a woman looking for equal pay for equal work, then you might want to steer clear of Louisiana and Wyoming.

Those are two of the U.S. states with the biggest pay gaps between men and women, as seen in a new map from Expert Market, a site that helps businesses find equipment and services -- though women's pay lags significantly in every state.

To make the map, Expert Market used data from a Fall 2014 report, "The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap", by the American Association of University Women. The report used pay data from the Census Bureau, the Department of Education, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine which states had the greatest gender pay gap.

Women in all states make $10,291 less per year than men, on average, according to Expert Market.

Other recent research paints an even more discouraging picture. In 2013, women made just 78 percent of what men were paid, on average, according to the Census Bureau. The gender pay gap has narrowed since the 1970s. But at the current rate, it will take 75 years for women to have equal pay, a July report from Oxfam found.

Here is the gender pay gap in each state, according to Expert Market:

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