When It Comes To Money, Women Need More Than Symbolism

The U.S. is planning on putting a woman on the $10 bill, but considering the state of the gender pay gap, perhaps we should put a woman on a special bill -- one for $7.80.

A woman makes 78 cents for every dollar a man makes, according to census and income data cited by the White House and others. And the number is lower for African-American women (64 cents) and Latinas (54 cents). In a range of studies, the pay gap between men and women has persisted even when you account for the fact that women are more likely to take jobs in lower-paying professions and time out of the workforce to care for children or family -- though it does narrow.

Indeed, a study from the American Association of University Women showed that women college graduates earned 7 percent less than men just one year after graduation. The study controlled for occupation, earnings and college major.

The American Association of University Women put out the above video on Tuesday to remind us of this sad state of affairs.



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