Try Doubting Everyday Sexism After Watching This Video

Try Doubting Everyday Sexism After Watching This Video

Wolf-whistles, "hey baby" and "keep smiling honey!" are the types of things you'd expect to hear directed at a woman walking down the street. But what would the world look like if gender roles were reversed? A new short film seeks to answer that question -- and the result is chilling.

"Oppressed Majority," a short film by French actress and director Éléonore Pourriat, depicts a world where women and men have switched places.

In it the male protagonist takes his son to daycare, encountering sexist remarks and catcalls along the way. He's cornered and sexually assaulted by a group of aggressive young women in broad daylight, intimidated by the police and slut-shamed by his partner. Women run shirtless through the streets, pee in public spaces and objectify male employees and passersby.

"I dress the way I want," the main character tells his wife, who criticizes his "provocative" choice of over-the-knee shorts and revealing flip-flops. Her response? "Don't you dare complain, then!"

Other gender swap videos, like the "Flip Side" series by Jay Diaz, take a more humorous look at male and female roles in society. What makes Pourriat's video so powerful is that it addresses the very serious topics of assault and victim-blaming -- something both men and women experience.

Anyone watching this short film will be struck at how "wrong" it all seems. So why do we stand for it in everyday life?

Watch the full film above.

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