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General Knot & Co: Dapper Looks From Salvaged Materials

General Knot & Co: Dapper Looks From Salvaged Materials
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Sourcing materials has increasingly become a complex process, from chefs creating networks of nearby farms, to Hollywood rigorously demanding all its plots are recycled. For next-level sourcing you can wrap around your neck, check out General Knot & Co.

Started by two guys who met while waiting for a train and discovered they shared a love of all things vintage, this new neckwear concern's taken their "desire to create enduring products" and turned it into extremely ltd ed ties made from deadstock fabrics sourced by "maniacally visiting estate sales, auctions, and fabric shows", so basically, these guys know how to party.

Some goods:

Midnight Purple Check & Floral Two Tone: features two fabrics with a 40yr age difference -- a purple & white check pattern on the front, and, on the back, a cream/violet floral pulled from an old quilter's estate (who also knew how to party).

Indigo Print Patchwork: with only four made and no two the same, these patchworked indigo patterns range from floral, to snowflake, to ornate teardrop, and come from WWII-era Japanese shirting that "hadn't been unfurled since the middle of the last century", something they'll hopefully complain about less than your dad.

Black Chambray and Vintage Leaf Two Tone: a classic black chambray front's offset by a back made from a loose-leaf pattern ("clearly inspired by Japanese paintings") on '50s-era rayon shantung, not to be confused with rayon Wang Chung, as that only comes in Dance Hall grays.
While they're tie-only at the moment, in the near future they plan to work on some shirt & bag collabs, plus hit the belt and bowtie game with original lines, though the only one you'll get from Hollywood will be the one you're standing in to see My Dinner With Andre 2.

These ties are crazy limited and can't be replicated, so pick one up while you still can.


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