General Motors Executive Doesn't Recognize Global Warming as Fact -- He Should Be Fired

Originally posted at The Seminal.

The Green Miles has the scoop:

General Motors Vice Chairman of Global Product Development Bob Lutz was just on The Colbert Report blaming global warming on sunspots and dissing his own Chevrolet Volt as a weak, unattractive car.

Adam Siegel debunks Lutz' bullshit:

Lutz is simply a global warming denier, seizing on truthiness and propaganda to fit his weltaunschuang rather than dealing with facts and giving some respect to actual science.  Let us be clear:  1:  Solar radiation is NOT a driver of Global Warming, the numbers just don't work.   2.  The "32,000? is absurdity (to be polite, with the (vast) majority of signers only having bachelor's degrees and no advanced studies. (On the "petition" that Lutz is referring to, see: here, here, here, etc ...

On their website, GM claims to be concerned about the environment. They even specifically address their greenhouse gas emissions:

There is no question that our products and manufacturing facilities have an impact on the environment. Not only do internal combustion engines produce emissions and greenhouse gases, but in the process of building millions of vehicles per year, our manufacturing facilities emit CO2 and greenhouse gases as well. The good news is that GM is hard at work trying to reduce our impact on the environment.

Miles has some advice for Lutz:

Note to Bob for future reference - if you're going to greenwash, it's best not to come right out and deny the scientific consensus on global warming with a made-up number of people who believe in a kooky denial scheme. Kind of undercuts your alleged green credentials.

Remember, this is the same asshole who called global warming a total crock of shit earlier this year.

So why is such a high level executive publicly denouncing corporate policy? If GM really cared about global warming and the environment they would get rid of this denier immediately.

Unfortunately, their political contributions indicate that their green talk on their website is nothing more than lip service. For decades they have been lining the pockets of politicians who actively work against fuel efficiency standards and investments in clean fuels. Here are their contributions to federal candidates over the past several cycles:

2000: $323,950, 72% to Republicans and 28% to Democrats.
2002: $271,750, 60% to Republicans and 40% to Democrats.
2004: $518,570, 76% to Republicans and 24% to Democrats.
2006: $626,330, 74% to Republicans and 26% to Democrats.

It is far beyond time for General Motors to put or or shut up when it comes to their commitment to environmentally sustainable automobiles.