Generation Social


A few years ago, brand after brand said, "Just find me a 22-year-old who understands all this social media stuff and give it to him or her." Some of those 22-year-olds did great work, but for the most part, as time went on, brands realized that social media smarts didn't replace the need for senior marketing skills, which take years to develop. You need both to succeed.

Meanwhile, the new grads and interns have an incredibly important role in increasing the social media savvy of your marketing team, and across your organization. These kids don't "embrace" social media, they live and breathe it. They are often early adopters of new channels, and have an incredibly nuanced understanding of what rules and formats are native to each.

Bring them in as part of the team. Leverage their energy and enthusiasm, as well as their social knowledge. Right away, pair them with your seasoned people and give them time to mentor each other. Making it clear that each has something to offer the other helps ease any defensiveness and close the generational divide.

-- from The CMO's Social Media Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Leading Marketing Teams in the Social Media World, by Peter Friedman, the CEO and Chairman of LiveWorld.

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