You know who is better than Trump? Every single one of us.

We know better but are being way too complacent and polite---which is the benchmark of being a Democrat.

Perhaps we are too damn civil for our own kind.

The internet being our weapon of choice tends to fire off more blanks than bullets.

It's a form of high tech impotence.

Just because you rant and rave (like I do) does not mean you are exacting any change. I know on my part that all I'm doing is preaching, most of the time, to the congregation while Trump spews irrational dangerous psychopathic nonsense from the bully pulpit.

The only way to stop this high speed locomotive from derailing this country into the moral abyss is to actively do something as in participate in the process.

We need our leaders to be louder than that loud mouth thug.

We all know that he is not the problem: his followers are. They are the twisted, moronic army lemmings of hate that have always been there. Nothing new here.

The spectre of sheer hate springs from from the defiant and proudly closed spout of ignorance. Literally. If they are told that Crooked Hilary is the enemy, that is where the education stops. These are not people who will take the time to be enlightened. These are people who will listen to the incoherent rantings of Sarah Palin while turning a deaf ear to the cold hard realities of science.

Despite all the profound and compelling, in your face evidence of global warming which comes to us the the form of hurricanes, tornados and a flooding Paris, the ignorant simply do not get it.

That is until there is a natural disaster in their own backyard---that's when their whole philosophy of less government gets tossed out in favor of hand-outs and relief.

The GOP, Fox, Rush Limbaugh, et al have created this monster. Every single part of it.

They have insulted our President for 8 years in ways that the Dixie Chicks could not imagine, with a kind of smug, good ol boy style of covert racist agenda while obstructing any kind of progress to the point that the American Idiots are so sick and tired of politicians who have not taken care of them, that they have chosen as their leader, a man who is most definitely suffering from some form of dementia.

America is pissing all over the single most powerful office America while the rest of the world stands, bewildered ready to act at the urinal. Did you hear Britain's prime minister use the word "stupid" when ranting about Trump on the floor of Parliament? Did you not hear Kim Jung Il's endorsement of him? This is a man who talks on his Princess telephone late into the night with a girl giggly Dennis Rodman as they gossip about boys.

And what is worse is that we are all allowing what is happening to us.

You are treating the whole Trump thing like it's the circus freak show that it is and you are keeping it alive by being passive and by watching whatever the "news" programs offer you. It is not fucking news. It is fully supported and endorsed fascism that you are paying for every single time you buy a product that CNN or MSNBC or Fox advertises.

You don't turn away. You don't actively do anything.

You laugh. You cry. You gasp.

And then you watch any one of Shonda's Nursery Rimes.

You do not want reality. You want denial. You want distraction.

You want empty calories while all you do is complain about your weight gain.

My generation brought a President down to his crooked knees. THAT was what a crooked politician actually looks like friends. And we did something about it.

The press made it happen because at the time it was the voice of the people.

We stopped a war. We changed life for women.

So tell me, Boomers, where fore art thou boom and why have you forsaken me?

Age is not the reason. Age is the season of reason. We just don't have the same energy that we used to. But sorry, that is no excuse. Once a revolutionary, always a revolutionary. You think Bruce Springsteen is getting softer cause he's in his sixties? At least he was born to run. Trump was born to be the white Kanye.

Well shame on you and shame on me.

Stop this fucking madness now.

INSIST loudly for the return of Jon Stewart who has to take care of us in addition to his abused animals, because you know what?

That is exactly what we are.

Abused animals.

You just have to stop participating in the torture.