Generation "Why-Can't-I-Have-It-Right-Now?!"

It's something I've always known, but since moving to New York City my eyes have really been opened to the truth of a generation that lacks energy, focus, passion and follow through on life-long dreams and goals. I am utterly disappointed and so removed from this generation of what I like to call the "Why-can't-I-have-it-right-now" generation. I'm not saying that it's every one of the millennials, but there's vast majority of the Generation Y that I just don't really understand. Isn't this the group deemed to be the next great generation? I say that because there are a lot of unhappy millennials walking around, and in order to cope with that unhappiness, they are always glued to social media, taking a selfie every five minutes and seeking attention. When what they should be doing is making a name and foundation for themselves. I certainly wouldn't want this group leading me anywhere. At some point in life, mom and dads' money will stop coming, and my question to them is: What will you be doing when the well runs dry? Will you be able to survive on your own?

I understand that the world we live has evolved so much so that it's quick and easy. The days of grandmother and grandfather guiding us and giving direction and wisdom are over. Now a days, it's easier to just pick up your smartphone or go on the internet and with those things the lack of generational hand me downs has diminished substantially. No one is helping guide the creatures of Generation Y to a life of substance and truth. I have come across a couple of millennials who I believe want so badly to be like the top trending celebrity that they neglect to think about the future. They forget that nothing comes to you overnight. Life, my friends, isn't like becoming an overnight lottery winner; you don't pick numbers and hope that your numbers are the ones called in life. In order to succeed, that takes work and lots of hard work. You should also know that in life there are no handouts, and more importantly, the life you want doesn't just happen. It's not a "right now" kind of situation. Sure the celebrity life looks easy, but money and fame isn't everything. John Wooden summed it up best in this quote, "Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man give. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful."

Some of the millennials I have come across are so misguided that I don't think they realize when life experience and wisdom are looking deep into their eyes. I can only hope that future generations are better prepared, and well aware that life isn't, as Forrest Gump said, like a box of chocolates. Chocolates can be sweet, and, sweetie, life isn't always mixed with sweet nothingness. Life can be hard, it can be rough and it can be brutal. I'm using this message as a wake up call or more like a call to action.

My action is making sure that my nieces and nephews understand the meaning of hard work and what working hard can gain them. Growing up, I can remember listening to my grandmother about her life as a child and the obstacles she faced growing up in the south in 1921. Her lessons and the lessons of those before me aren't lost on me at all. I'm going to need these twenty something's that I come across to have a life plan in order. Yes, I believe that your steps are ordered by some power bigger than yourself, but it's going to take some self-motivation in order for the dreams you might have in life to see the light of day. My challenge to every millennial out there is to take a moment and step away from your smartphone and the television screen and do something. Do something else with your life and stop waiting for things to just happen for you. "Nothing in life worth having is easy and nothing easy is worth having."

I'm not sure where that quote came from but understand this, in life you have choices, you have a choice to be complacent or you have a choice to get up and think about life and where you want to be in the next five to ten years. I understand that your generation is all about the right now, right now, right now, but time waits for no man or woman, and when the time has passed you by, where will you be? Will you have anything to show for it? Or did you simply waste your time because you were so impatient and couldn't plant seeds and watch them grow into something substantial and beautiful? Just think about it.