Geneva Is The Most Expensive City For A Club Sandwich

Which City Has The Most Expensive Club Sandwiches In The World?
Club Sandwich
Club Sandwich

What comes to mind when one thinks of a club sandwich? Is it the three layers of crispy, buttered bread lathered with mayo? Is it the moist turkey or chicken complemented by the thick slices of juicy tomatoes? Or is it the bacon that melts in your mouth? Well, thinks of the sandwich as a cost-of-living indicator for places around the world.

The Club Sandwich Index (CSI) was created to help travelers estimate their lunch budget while away from home, given that the club sandwich is the most common hotel menu staple around the world. According to, “The CSI average price is calculated from the real prices paid by guests for a Club Sandwich in 30 hotels in the capital or an important tourist city of each country surveyed, across five, four and three star categories. In total, 840 hotels globally were canvassed... The Index reflects not only changes in the actual price of a Club Sandwich across the globe but also the effect of currency fluctuations.”

This year, Geneva, Switzerland has earned the title of most expensive city in which to order a club sandwich out of the 28 locations surveyed. From a three-to-five-star hotel in Geneva, a club will cost about $30.45. Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen complete the top five at $27.45, 26.72, $23.12, and $22.33, respectively. New York, which had the priciest club in last year’s list, came in 13th at $17.51. If you’re looking for a more affordable place to vacation, refer to the bottom of the list -- a club in New Delhi at a starred hotel will cost you about $9.11.

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