HGTV Host Genevieve Gorder's NYC Home Didn't Always Look Like This

Here's Proof That Even HGTV Hosts Struggle With Home Renovations

By and large, HGTV reality shows reveal the nitty gritty of home repairs and their own hosts are no exception. Take Genevieve Gorder, for example, whose latest show, "Genevieve's Renovation," tackles her own home expansion.

“I’ve always been sensitive to how stressful a home renovation is for my clients, but doing my own remodel puts the process in a whole new light,” Gorder said in a statement about the series, which debuted last week.

We got a sneak peek at how she's employing her personal style as she expands her own 19th-century New York apartment into the newly acquired duplex next door.

Check out Genevieve's living room before and after and see how the rest of the renovation shapes up on the show, which continues Thursdays through July 31st.


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