7 Genius DIY Home Projects That Will Save You A Ton Of Space

7 Genius DIY Home Projects That Will Save You A Ton Of Space

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If you live in tight quarters, you understand how important it is to save space whenever possible. Unfortunately, shoving your accumulated junk under the bed will only get you so far. When your countertops are cluttered, your closets are overflowing and the claustrophobia is finally sinking in, it's time to reevaluate your choices.

We've collected 7 brilliant DIY projects that will help you organize your life and redefine your space. All you need is a toolkit and a lazy afternoon to completely transform your home. Let at least one of these projects inspire you to take advantage of every single square inch.

Get creative with wall space.

Genius Space-Saving Home Projects

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Before You Go

Plan With Proportions In Mind
A small space needs small furniture. Instead of buying a big couch or a chunky coffee table, look for smaller pieces like futons, love seats and small side tables. Smaller pieces can easily be moved around when you have guests over.
Go Vertical
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If you live in a small space you need to think tall: Use bookshelves and wall space to hang and display sentimental items.
Use Every Inch Of Space
These DIY rolling crates from Teal and Lime can be stored under your bed or couch to make storage a lot more stylish.
Learn how to make crates here.
Save Space
Small spaces can get crammed quickly, so make time to carefully fold clothes, for example. It will help you save space in your drawers and reduce wrinkles. This simple folding technique from The Gloss keeps your t-shirts nice and compact.
Store What You Don't Need
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Place seasonal clothes like bulky jackets and sweaters in empty suitcases, and store them under the bed or at the back of your closet until you need them.
Pick The Right Paint
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Dark colours make your room appear smaller while light shades create the illusion of more space.
Add A Mirror
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Due to their reflective nature, mirrors help a room seem bigger and brighter. Place a large mirror across from a window, and you'll trick guests into thinking there's another room beyond the frame.
Choose Convertible Furniture
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Multipurpose furniture is a must-have in a small space. Choose a pull out couch that doubles as a guest bed or beds that come with storage space.
Hide It Behind The Door
Keep clutter at bay by storing supplies in shoe bags. You'll be able to see everything you have and you'll never worry about knocking over a bottle of bleach again.
Get more laundry storage ideas at: The Organized Housewife
Think Custom Or DIY
There's so much wasted space under the stairs, don't sacrifice it, customize it.
Learn how to make this custom cabinet on Ikea Hackers.