20 Damn-Near Brilliant Kitchen Hacks For Problems We All Deal With

Including a cutting board that collects juices, an organizer for batteries and an apron with a baking conversion chart.

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These damn-near brilliant kitchen hacks will make you love your kitchen just a little bit more.
These damn-near brilliant kitchen hacks will make you love your kitchen just a little bit more.

Missing food storage lids, chopped produce that drips juice all over the counter and a junk drawer full of loose batteries: Your cluttered kitchen may give you a lot of grief these days, especially if you’re spending more time at home than anywhere else right now.

The endless monotony of quarantine cooking and cleanup has left many of us desperate for ways to make daily household chores just a little bit more manageable.

Some turn to healthy prepared meal delivery services to make mealtime easier. Maybe you use subscription services to put all of your household goods on auto-ship so you can set it and forget it. Still others are just looking for a few clever home hacks to make life easier.

This <a href="https://fave.co/35kDSrZ" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Food52 cutting board</a> packs a lot of design into a small package, with a phone slot on one side and a juice collection groove on the other.
This Food52 cutting board packs a lot of design into a small package, with a phone slot on one side and a juice collection groove on the other.

We all have to store half-used produce, find space for too many pots and pans and declutter countertops filled with stuff. The Type A bakers among us may try to figure out annoying kitchen problems, such as how to roll out perfectly even dough every time, where to find baking conversions and getting mixing bowls that won’t make a mess when it comes time to pour.

Rather than suffer through these problems, there are affordable ways to make your kitchen work harder and smarter for you.

To help, we’ve pulled together a list of 20 damn-near brilliant kitchen products to help with the annoyances we all deal with in the kitchen. Best of all, most of these products are under $50.

Take a look below.

To declutter your Tupperware drawer, these silicone stretch lids
Consider adding these silicone stretch lids to your food storage rotation if your Tupperware drawer gives you anxiety. We reviewed these bestselling stretch lids to see if they're worth the hype. They replace aluminum foil and plastic wrap, and one lid can replace a handful of missing Tupperware lids. This set of 14 stretch lids comes in seven different sizes: some big enough to fit over your largest stockpot, some small enough to fit on a soda can. They're also dishwasher and freezer safe. Get them on Amazon.
A cutting board that does the hard stuff for you
This Food52 cutting board packs a lot of design into a small package. On one side, you have a slot to hold your phone so you can follow your favorite recipes without getting your screen grimy. On the other side, you have a drainer that collects all those delicious juices so they don't run all over the counter. Finally, a cutting board that does everything you want it to! Get it for $59 at Food52.
Silicone food savers for half-used produce
Make your half-used produce last longer with these silicone food huggers. This set of five comes in various sizes, and some are big enough to fit jars, cans and bottles. Get them for $13 on Amazon.
One pan to rule them all
Our Place
You probably heard of this do-everything pan or spotted it on your Instagram. Aptly dubbed the "Always Pan," it replaces your frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, sauce pan, nonstick pan, skillet and spoon rest. This mighty pan does the work of eight pieces of cookware. Get it for $145 from Our Place
For all of the loose batteries in your kitchen drawers
You know that junk drawer in your kitchen that's littered with loose batteries? No more. This (genius!) battery organizer stores all of those loose batteries — up to 93 of them, to be exact. It also comes with a battery tester, so you can make sure the ones you're storing still have juice left. Get it on Amazon.
A space-saving paper towel holder and spice organizer
No counter space? No problem. This magnetic paper towel holder and rack will organize spices, oils, jars, bottles, cleaners and pretty much anything else you want within reach. Use one of the paper towels holders as a towel rack, and you're set. It even includes a tiny hook on the side that's perfect for hanging potholders and oven mitts. Get it for $30 on Amazon.
An adjustable rolling pin for perfectly even dough
This problem might be specific to people who love to bake, but it's a problem that deserves an innovative solution. The home and kitchen experts at Food52 recently unveiled this adjustable rolling pin that comes with removable silicone rings in five circumferences so you can get perfectly even cookies, crusts and pasta every time. Get it for $39 at Food52. Keep in mind that's it's only available for preorder until Nov. 19.
An undershelf basket for easy-to-find storage
Use this undershelf basket to store everyday spices, coffee and tea or anything else you need handy at a moment's notice. It also includes a practical towel rack. Measure to be sure it'll fit your cabinets. Get it for $25 at Wayfair.
A stylish way to organize your fridge
Chances are you're buying more groceries these days since you're probably home more. Your fridge might be more cluttered than ever. These fridge storage drawers hook underneath your fridge's shelves to create mini-drawers you can use to store produce, eggs, deli items and anything else that needs organizing. Each order includes a set of three organizers. Get them on Amazon.
An apron that includes potholders and a handy baking conversion chart
If you thought aprons were just good for keeping clothes free of flour and oil, think again. This Food52 apron does that and much more with its unique (and good-looking!) design. The bottom hem turns into potholders, and the apron includes a baking conversion chart at the ready in one of its many (useful!) pockets. There's much more to love about this apron, and it can be worn several different ways and adjusted to your height. Get it for $45 at Food52.
A slim utility cart for tight spaces between appliances
These slim rolling carts are best used in the kitchen or laundry room, but they're also a smart hack for creating more storage space in a tiny kitchen. Tuck one between the refrigerator and wall or slide it under an overhanging countertop bar to store essentials. Get it for $88 at Wayfair.
Countertop storage that isn't an eyesore
These free-standing shelving racks make practical storage look like decor. Get it for $20 from Wayfair.
Mixing bowls that make pouring easy
These three stoneware mixing bowls include pour spouts and a wider, shallow design so you have more room for mixing. They're also microwave and dishwasher safe. Easy, right? Get them at Food52 for $99.
A gadget to organize all your cleaning tools
Get those brooms, mops, rakes and other cleaning tools off your floors, out of the closets and neatly organized once and for all with this organizer. It includes six hooks and five slots for storing handles. You won't believe how you've gone this long without it. Get it on Amazon.
A self-heating ceramic mug, for coffee that never gets cold
Coffee that doesn't stay warm enough for long enough is a thing of the past with this self-heating ceramic mug. The secret is in its charging base disguised as a coaster — and the base also works as a phone charger for wirelessly charging phones. It automatically turns off if you haven't picked up your coffee in an hour, so there are no worries about it overheating. It also comes with a lid to top it off so you don't have to worry about extra-hot spills. Get it for $75 at Food52.
For detailed cleaning, this weird gel
This cleaning gel is marketed for car detail cleaning (air vents, console, etc.), but it can also be used around the house in hard-to-clean spaces. Use it on keyboards, in fans, on speakers and other tight corners where dust builds up. It's a top seller for a reason. Get it on Amazon.
A corner countertop organizer
This three-tier organizer is perfect for awkward corner countertops where it's easy to underutilize the space. Use this to store mugs and plates, coffee and tea accessories or to display cookbooks. Get it for $30 on Amazon.
An over-the-sink drying rack
Unroll this mat over your sink to let your dishes drip-dry without taking up valuable counter space. You can also use it as a trivet or cookie-cooling rack. The bonus pouch for holding cutlery and silverware is a nice touch, too. Get it for $45 at Food52.
A magnetic three-pocket organizer for catch-all things
We all have a junk drawer in the kitchen that's out of hand. With this magnet catch-all organizer, you can collect things such as tape rolls, rubber bands, loose batteries and more. Use it in the laundry room to collect lint and organize dryer sheets. The possibilities are endless. Get it for $42 from Wayfair.
A countertop pot rack for storing cookware
If you have the right kitchen setup, use this countertop pot rack to create tons of space around your stovetop. This rack includes storage for pots and pans on the bottom (the gray pads double as trivets!), and the top two shelves can be used for lids, spices or whatever else you might need handy. Keep kitchen scissors and utensils within reach with the attached basket on the side. Buy a few small S-hooks, and you can hang measuring cups, wooden spoons and other gadgets from the sides. Get it for $69 at Wayfair.