Emmelyn Roettger, 3-Year-Old Mensa Member Has To Poop During TODAY Show Appearance (VIDEO)

Genius Toddler: 'Get This Off Me. I Have To Poop.'

Emmelyn Roettger is a genius. The 3-year-old, with an IQ of 135, is currently the youngest member ever admitted to Mensa, and that feat led Emme and her parents to the TODAY Show this morning, where she was expected to be adorable and brilliant for the audience.

She was both. But mostly she was 3 years old. And she taught Natalie Morales something about live television and toddlers.

First, Emme was far more interested in waving to herself on camera (and, once or twice, sticking out her tongue) than answering Morales' questions about the solar system. Then, in a minute of live TV that was uncomfortable for any viewer who has potty trained a child, she announced that "my tummy hurts," and "I have to poop." Becoming increasingly distressed, she tried to remove her portable microphone, saying "take this off me, I have to poop."

What should the three parents have done? (That's counting Morales, who herself has a 3-year-old.) They could have A) gone to a commercial break. If that was technically impossible, they could have B) unhooked the poor girl and had one of her parents escort her to the bathroom while the other continued to answer questions. Or, they could have C) kept on with the interview, looking embarrassed every time poor Emme mentioned the word "poop", and trying to get her to shush.

You can watch what they did above. And use the comments to discuss what they SHOULD have done. Because we're sure many of you have had your own less-than-convenient "Mommy, I have to poop" moments with your own children.

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