This Woman's Solution To Finding Nudes On Bae's Phone Is Genius

And it’s next-level petty.


On Monday, Twitter user @bonnntle posed an important question to the social media site:

Rebaneilwe, a 19-year-old from South Africa, saw the question and was struck by an immediate, funny and pretty petty response.

“It was off the top of my head,” Rebaneilwe told HuffPost. “[I] have never done that in my life. [It was] purely hypothetical.”

Though she came up with her advice spontaneously, people on Twitter were certainly intrigued by it.

Rebaneilwe did admit that some of her past experiences did influence her response, however.

“Shady things have happened to me. Men have deceived me many times so I’ve become a little more petty,” she said.

A little?