Teen's Powerful Video Confronts Negative Body Image And The Marks It Leaves Behind

"I always felt too something and not enough another thing."
Beautiful, Loved, and Important!!!

This is the most powerful video we have ever seen about body image!!!!"I have dealt with negative body image ever since i can remember. I made this video not only to explain a little more about myself, but to let anyone struggling with this same issue know they are NOT alone. if you have no support, let me know and i will be your bathtub full of support. i love all of you, please let me know what you think!" - Genny ZunigaGenny, as a high school student you have strength and courage way beyond your years! We are so glad you are a part of our community!! You are our #Upstander of the week!!!! Thank you for being so very brave!!!! You are an inspiration, and you are 1000% #beautiful , #loved and #Important!!!#stopbullying

Posted by The BULLY Project on Thursday, September 17, 2015

A young woman has revealed her struggles with body image in a touching video viewed nearly 2 million times. 

According to Bakersfield Now, 16-year-old Genevieve Zuniga made the video to highlight a struggle many people face. In the video, Zuniga introduces herself as Genny and describes her experience with negative body image.

"Whether I felt too fat or too stupid or too ignorant or too loud, I always felt too something and not enough another thing," she said in the video. "Body image is hard."

Standing in her bathroom, Zuniga writes the insulting words people have called her like "ugly" and "fat" onto her body with a marker. She says she "carried those insults with me... I would try to get them off, get them out of my brain. They wanted to stay."

Zuniga pours bottles labeled "support," "hope" and "love" in a tub before submerging herself. She emerges free from the stains left behind from negative body talk, ending the video by writing new words on her body including "beautiful" and "important."

Zuniga told Bakersfield Now that she didn't initially create the video to share with others, but then decided to post it on Facebook. On Sept. 17, The Bully Project posted it on its Facebook page, where it has been viewed more than 1.8 million times. Zuniga also said she's received messages from all over the world from people thanking her for the powerful video.  

Way to spread your inspiring message, Genny.

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