Italian Airport Waives Restrictions On Traveling With Delicious Pesto

And it's raising money for a good cause, too.
Genoa Airport

One airport in Italy is giving travelers the green light to carry pesto on board.

The Genoa airport’s “Il pesto è buono” — pesto is good — initiative waives the 100 milliliter restriction on liquids for visitors hoping to bring home a jar or two of the local delicacy.

In exchange for looking the other way on your international pesto smuggling operation, airport officials ask that travelers make a small donation to the Flying Angels, an organization that arranges travel abroad for sick children to receive treatment.

The airport’s verified Twitter account shared news of the program, complete with a basil-winged pesto jar ready for takeoff.

The idea was sparked thanks to the headache of confiscating hundreds of jars of pesto at airport security checks.

The BBC noted that passengers can take either one 500-gram jar or two 250-gram jars, and the pesto can only be Genovese.

Pesto is considered a local specialty of Genoa. The sauce is most typically made with olive oil, basil, cheese and pine nuts.