Gentle Openings


The snails are always at home, no matter where they go, traveling ever so slowly, leaving a moist trail behind. No need to hurry; they can slide into the safety of their cozy house at any time. It's not a square box, made of artificial materials, but an organic abode, constructed according to the regenerative principles of a spiral. From the smallest to the biggest, from the largest to the tiniest. Infinity on both ends. Do not mistake walking in circles for futile activity, because with each round, the pilgrim has lifted the Soul to another level of the winding curved path. A similar challenge presents itself to be solved at a higher vibrational frequency.

On the journey of self-development, we're continuously dying and being reborn. Old habits disappear and new ones are formed. We process decaying pains: they dissolve to be replaced by fresh joys. At least this is how it feels to us on the earthly plane. Living in the physical body, we're experiencing the ongoing cycles of death and rebirth.

At the same time, we must be aware that everything vibrates, everything is flowing, everything is constantly changing. Nothing ever dies, nothing is ever reborn. Everything is in flux of ceaseless transformation. The snapshot view of the material world gives the impression of "here today, gone tomorrow." The streaming view of the spiritual realms teaches us about eternity. Spirit always was and always will be. Love never ends, because it has never begun: It always has been and it always will be. Yet, we fall in and out of love, when experienced as a human emotion.

In Midwinter, we may forget how it feels when Nature is in love. We may not trust that what we don't see... exists, despite the lack of our finer perceptive abilities. Sap is flowing through the trees, yet, we don't notice its turning upwards during the first days of February in the Northern hemisphere. The rising stream is now bringing invigorating Life impulse from the well-rested roots into the bare branches, nudging the buds to awake from slumber. The promise of a new beginning stirs within Nature, and in us.

Imbolc on Feb. 2 is a Celtic festival, acknowledging the change in the belly of Nature. The seeds that were planted in the Fall, are now waking up. The farmers know that the small shapes they put into the Earth are not dead matter, even though they may appear as such in their inert form. Each kernel contains all the information needed to manifest into a very specific plant. But the blueprint can only transform into reality if nurtured with proper nutrients and care. Otherwise, the condensed intelligent structure collapses, and the organic matter rots, becoming the soil. Nature knows this, and so do gardeners.

As human beings, we have a unique capacity to create invisible seeds, inspired by Intuition, and shaped by Imagination. We may call them dreams, a reminder of our spiritual origins. Creativity is a cosmic blessing, ever so fragile, even elusive, in the world of matter. A harsh word may annihilate an emerging idea in an instant; an encouraging nod allows the tender spark to develop into sustainable flame.

A gentle opening gives hope. A soft smile warms the soul. An inviting gesture heals the heart. We each carry an abundance of these balsams within us. Let's dispense them generously.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:

What gentle openings of new possibilities are you exploring right now?