Geodesic Robot: This Giant Walking Ode To Buckminster Fuller Is Amazing (VIDEO)

Will This Be The Coolest Thing At Burning Man?

This giant, mobile geodesic dome might just be the most amazing tribute to Buckminster Fuller we've ever seen.

Designed by professional welder Scott Parenteau, the massive metal creation -- aptly dubbed "Walking Pod" -- made its debut at San Francisco's Maker Faire earlier this year. Inspired by the geometric wonder of Bucky Fuller's experimental designs, the pod appears like the industrial cousin of Theo Jansen’s enormous Strandbeest.

The walking art project is powered by two commercial dishwasher engines, according to Architizer, and is able to move at a cautious pace of 0.2 miles per hour. The creative robot will make another appearance at this year's Burning Man, so stay tuned for more on the pod's reappearance in August.

Watch the video above, courtesy of Tested, and let us know your thoughts on this contraption in the comments.

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