Geoffrey Canada Talks To Jimmy Fallon About Harlem Children's Zone, Parents' Roles And Promise Neighborhoods

Geoffrey Canada, Harlem Children's Zone CEO, sat down with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night to talk about how his efforts to give back to Harlem child-by-child have amounted to a nationwide movement.

Harlem Children's Zone is a nonprofit that provides education, social services and support to kids and families. The aim is to get students -- some of whom come from limited means -- to graduate no matter what it takes, Canada says.

"We think what we're doing is really aimed at the poorest and most disadvantaged kids, but we think that there needs to be a wake-up call to schools and communities across this country that says we make sure our young people have real dreams and see a real path to get there."

Fallon asks him what role parents play in education, and Canada points out a telling sign: Before beginning kindergarten, kids from affluent families are exposed to twice as many words as kids from poorer families, he says.

"We start from birth. We start with parents."

The nonprofit has been recognized for its success, and Obama has pledged to create Promise Neighborhoods across the country, recplicating the work Harlem Children's Zone. Last year 21 communities received federal dollars to become Promise Neighborhoods, although Education Week reports funding remains uncertain due to budget debates.


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