'Geography Club' Film Explores Closeted Gay High School Love

A new film is slated for release this November that explores the complex and emotional struggle of being a closeted LGBT teen in high school.

Titled "Geography Club," the movie is based on Brent Hartinger’s best-selling Russel Middlebrook series of novels.

In the film, the geography club serves as a secret outlet for high school students of varying sexual orientations to occupy a safe space and mutually support one another.

A major plotline throughout the film involves the closeted relationship of the school's all-star quarterback Kevin (played by Justin Deeley) and his 16-year-old peer Russel Middlebrook (played by Cameron Deane Stewart).

“This universal story of each of us finding our true selves will resonate with anyone who attended high school for decades to come," said producer Michael Huffington in an interview. "We are delighted that Breaking Glass Pictures is joining forces with our team to bring this entertaining and meaningful movie to the public.”

The film is set to open for limited release in North American on Nov. 15.



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