Dizzying Photos Reveal The Everyday Geometry Hiding In Plain Sight

As Greek philosopher Pythagoras said: "There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres." Indeed, shapes and spaces, rhythms and ratios are all around us, from the very moment we open our eyes. Whether gazing upon a rectangular pattern embedded in the ceiling, or ogling the diamond outline of a chain-link fence, you're bound to find hypnotic geometry in the most unlikely of places.

For the skeptics out there, we humbly present this series of dazzling shape-savvy photos, revealing the geometric shapes that constantly surround us, often in plain view. Snapwire recently hosted a photography challenge centered around this very concept, and the images below are the sharpest of the bunch. The winner of the competition is Sandra Linnell, whose crisp and colorful photo, featured above, nearly resembles a Cubist painting with all its uncanny angles. The rest, we have to say, are just as alluring.

Behold: images that capture the geometry lurking in every corner.



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