George Allen's Arrest Record


If Webb's fiction is fair game, George Allen's secret arrest record should be too. Seriously, writing fiction is hardly a criminal offense. The same cannot be said for George Allen's antics. There are warrants to prove it.

For decades, Allen has gotten away with being a closet racist, voting against women in the Senate, as well as a man who hangs a noose in his office while genuflecting to the Confederacy. Then there's that little incident about the deer head in an African American's mailbox, not to mention the contagion of tales from years and years of "n" word slandering. All these things have just been sloughed off and ignored, because Virginia was willing to give Coach Allen's son a pass. What's one more good old boy racist if he's our good old boy, right? But the cumulative affect is finally catching up with Allen, because when it's added up it makes most Americans sick.

The kicker was finding out that it was George Allen's ad man who is responsible for the racist ads against Harold Ford, Jr. Why am I not surprised?

But Karma is a bitch and the bill is finally coming due.

Democrats are demanding that George Allen stop stonewalling and immediately release records addressing why multiple warrants were issued for his arrest in 1974 while he was a student at the University of Virginia. The court records of his arrests are missing but one of the few official documents detailing the circumstances surrounding his arrests is Allen's application to the Virginia Bar Association. Allen has so far refused to release that information.

"Allen's adamant refusal to release documents about his arrest record suggests that there's more to this story and that he's hiding something. Allen's got a character problem and this stonewalling isn't helping him any," Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Phil Singer said.

When news of the arrest warrants resurfaced this month, one of Allen's aides said that one was issued for unpaid parking tickets and another for fishing without a license. The warrants are posted on an index (click here for a photo of the ledger), but Allen has failed to produce any written documentation verifying his explanation for why the warrants were issued and has not personally addressed the matter.

Shortly after the warrants were issued, Allen applied for membership in the Virginia Bar Association and had to detail his arrest record. Allen could clear up the controversy over his arrest records by simply making the Bar Association documents public. "Considering all the concerns that have been raised about Allen's character, one would think he'd rush to make official documents detailing his arrest public so that people believe his explanations for why he was arrested," Singer said.


Why is Allen refusing to release his arrest records?

After all that's come to light in this campaign and all we've learned about the racist Republican senator from Virginia, I'd say "trust me" just isn't enough anymore, especially where George "macaca" Allen is concerned.