George And Cindy Anthony Break Their Silence

Casey Anthony's parents will be breaking their silence in a two-part interview that will air on the "Dr. Phil" show this week. It is the first interview George and Cindy Anthony have given since their daughter was acquitted in the death of their two-year-old granddaughter, Caylee.

According to the "Dr. Phil" website, the interview covers all aspects of the case – "from the time their granddaughter, Caylee, was reported missing to the indictment and imprisonment of their daughter, and through the sensational courtroom battle that resulted in a not guilty verdict for Casey."

The first part of McGraw's two part interview with George and Cindy Anthony will air Tuesday on the Season 10 premiere of the "Dr. Phil" show.

Appearing on "The View" today, McGraw said the Anthonys are divided over their daughter’s culpability and whether she could have murdered Caylee.

"They have a very different view of that. He is very critical. She seems to make an excuse at every turn," McGraw said.


Casey Anthony Trial

Part two will air Wednesday.

A few clips from the show played on "The View" today, including one in which McGraw asked if George Anthony played a role in his granddaughter’s death.

"George would never have put us through those six months of not knowing where Caylee was if he knew where Caylee was because I watched his heart break every single day and I watched him as frantic as he was," Cindy Anthony told McGraw.