George & Andrea & Fred & Vomit

Early this morning Pacific Time on MSNBC, George Allen, in his official role as Fred Thompson's pre-game spinner for tonight's Republican debate, told Andrea Mitchell that Thompson "wants to change the way that Washington works.

So Thompson, who left the Senate to become a high-paid Washington lobbyist for Westinghouse, the deposed leader of Haiti, the Teamsters Union pension fund, the Tennessee Savings and Loan Association, and any other client whose money was green enough; Thompson, who was still wearing his Gucci Gulch loafers at the Iowa State Fair, has now become the Republican who will change how Washington works. What does that mean? Making it legal for members to take cash from lobbyists without having to launder it as a campaign contribution?

And George Allen, Mr. Macaca himself, is now the chief booster of the man who will change Washington's ways. Change them back, he must mean. Like Thompson, Allen longs for the good old days, before kids with video cams could record your every racist crack, back when the Washington press corps went wink-wink at your absurd explanations of them, before the blogosphere became a viable force for holding officials accountable by practicing the activity formerly known as journalism.

And Andrea Mitchell, whose MSNBC career includes telling viewers (falsely) that Joe Wilson claimed Dick Cheney sent him to Africa, and who said (falsely) that most Americans wanted Scooter Libby pardoned, instead of reacting to Senator Macaca's claim that Senator Gucci "wants to change the way that Washington works" by, oh, throwing her palms up to the sides of her face, planting her elbows on the table, and saying, in a Can-you-believe-this-bullshit? tone, as Jon Stewart might, "Go on," Andrea Mitchell instead goes on to ask Allen if he regrets not playing today the true-conservative role in the race that Thompson is now trying to fill.

I'm glad I saw it before I took my shower.