Casey Anthony Trial: George Anthony's Suicide Note

George Anthony's Suicide Note

A suicide note that was written by Casey Anthony's father was published to the jury during day 32 of her first-degree murder trial today.

George Anthony's suicide attempt occurred on January 22, 2009. On that day, former Anthony family lawyer Brad Conway contacted law enforcement and reported George Anthony missing. In his 911 call, Conway said Anthony "has taken several bottles of medication from the house as well as some pictures."

The following day, police found a despondent Anthony, along with a suicide note, at a Daytona Beach, Fla., hotel. Anthony was taken into police custody and briefly held at a medical center for evaluation.

The prosecution entered the suicide note into evidence this afternoon during their rebuttal to the defense's case. The note read in part::

Cynthia Marie,

As you get this letter, this should be no surprise that I have decided to leave the earth, because I need to be with Caylee Marie.

I cannot keep on going because it should be me that is gone from this earth, not her.

I have lived many years, I am satisfied with my decision because I have never been the man you, Lee, Casey & especially Caylee Marie deserved.

I have never been the man any of you could count on. I have always let each of you down in more ways then I could remember. I do not feel sorry for myself, I am just sorry I burden all of you the way I have.

My loss of life is meaningless. ... I cannot be strong anymore. Caylee Marie, our granddaughter, I miss her, I miss her so much. I know you do too. You were always the one that provided for her. What did I provide?

I blame myself for her being gone! You know for months, as a matter of fact, for a year or so I brought stuff up, only to be told not to be negative. ... I sit here, falling apart, because I should have done more. She was so close to home, why was she there? Who placed her there? Why is she gone? Why? For months, you & I, especially you always questioned, why?

I want this to go away for Casey! What happened? Why could she not come to us? Especially you, why not Lee?

Who is involved with this stuff for Caylee?

I am going [crazy] because I want to go after these people Casey hung with prior to Caylee being gone.

That is why I got that gun. I wanted to scare these people. You know! They know more than they have stated. You cannot sugar coat, kidglove these people. They need hard knocks to get info from.

Sure that will not bring Caylee Marie back, but was Casey threatened? You know, Casey does not deserve to be where she is!

I miss her, I miss her so much. I am worried for her. Her personal safety is always on my mind. ... I cannot function knowing our granddaughter is gone. Caylee Marie never had a chance to grow. ... I have taken what meds was given to me with alcohol & I am ready to give up.

As I can tell by my writing & thinking I am getting very stupid. Wow, what a word STUPID. Yes, I am. Again, I do not feel sorry for myself, but yes I am STUPID. Cannot deal with stuff anymore. The loss of Caylee Marie. The loss of Casey. The loss of us, Cynthia Marie, the meds, I am ready.

Saying good bye, please understand it is for the best. I do not deserve life anymore. Anymore us. ... You know I never got to say good bye. I am at this place & all is getting fuzzy & my writing is all over the place. I love you, I love you, I hope you get to see Casey soon.

All the people we met, wow the writing is getting weird, I love you, I am sorry - I will take care of Caylee - once I get to God. ... I am so tired, at least I shaved today, Wow - I'm tripping out, I am sorry. I love you - Cynthia Marie. Caylee here I come.

On Thursday, Casey Anthony's defense attorney, Jose Baez, questioned George Anthony about the suicide attempt. Anthony admitted attempting to take his own life and broke down on the stand. Casey Anthony did not react as her father put his head in his hands and sobbed.

Casey Anthony, 25, is accused of multiple charges, including capital murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and misleading law enforcement in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty.


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