George Ashman, 5-Year-Old Boy, Gets Devil Horn Implants To Remove Birthmark

When George Ashman was born in 2006 with a large unsightly red scar on his forehead, his mother feared he'd become a target for bullies.

"When he was born, immediately my mind raced forward 10 years. George would be the picked-on kid with no friends, no girlfriend," mom Karen Ashman of Somerset, United Kingdom, told the Daily Mail.

The haemangioma birthmark was made up of bright, soft lumps of abnormal blood vessels, making it tricky to remove.

After the family sought help from the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, doctors implanted devil-like horns to stretch out the skin on his forehead so the blemish could then be removed, The Daily Mirror reports.

IB Times explains that "small inflatable sacks were inserted under his hairline at either side of his forehead," which filled up with natural bodily fluid. Over four months, the pair of horns stretched the skin, allowing for his birthmark to be removed.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success and George only has a minor scar left on his forehead.