George Carlin's Daughter Says Her Dad Would Consider Trump A Misogynistic Racist

Would your father support him? "Oh, God no. No, no, no, no, no."
Kelly Carlin says her deceased father would definitely not support Donald Trump. 
Kelly Carlin says her deceased father would definitely not support Donald Trump. 

George Carlin would definitely consider alleged billionaire and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump a misogynist and a racist, the late comedy legend’s daughter insists. 

Kelly Carlin made the comment during an interview with comedian Karith Foster, who is working with the Foundation for Individual Rights and Education, that was posted as a podcast and a video on Thursday. Foster was speaking with the daughters of George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce about the state of comedy today and censorship. 

During the conversation, Kelly Carlin described how her father believed that it was his job in comedy to find the line and to cross it, but there aren’t a lot of lines left to cross today. “So, therefore, we get someone like Donald Trump running for president,” she said. 

After explaining her theory about how political correctness develops ― that it comes from a good place but is “not good for democracy in the end” ― Carlin said: “This is why we got Trump. He’s not politically correct. It is refreshing. He says what’s on his mind. It’s not pleasant to listen to, but this is America and politicians don’t speak.”

In that case, Foster asked if Carlin thought her father would support Trump?

“Oh, God no. No, no, no, no, no,” Carlin responded. “My dad would see him for who he really is, which is misogynistic, and racist, and all that kind of stuff. I mean he, he’d love the freak show of it all because – it is a real freak show. He loved the freak show aspect of American politics.

“But, my dad didn’t vote,” Carlin continued. “He stopped voting in ’72 when McGovern broke his heart. You know, he’d be a San.. he’d love Bernie Sanders. My dad was very progressive. You know, so, but that’s, that’s my take on it. It’s an interesting mixing of progressive ideals with fascist tactics and political incorrectness in general.”

Watch the full interview in the video below: