George Carlin Was Right About Your 'Stuff' (VIDEO)

Especially about the distinction between yours versus other people's.

It had hit me, while looking for a storage unit to house a set of '50s nightstands, the absurdity of paying money to store a bunch of stuff. Yet there is so much of it in my home, my car, and hell, even my desk. But mainly, it's the stuff in my home that gives me the most grief. I had been under the impression that living in a small 1-bedroom would mean that I would downsize accordingly. However, I left my boyfriend (who collects comic books and action figures) out of this equation. And I forgot that I have a tendency to hoard anything that looks like it would belong in Don Draper's house. So you can imagine what my living situation is like.

Here's a short list of what I'm seemingly powerless to do anything about:
- Three typewriters.
- Hundreds of DVDs. Half of them involve WWE matches.
- Four full china place settings.
- Stack of video games, most are in the wrong box.
- More CDs than a Sam Goody in 1996.
- Hundreds of records. The moving process resulted in mix-ups that lead to Hatebreed albums filed alongside Bob Newhart comedy albums. I'll let you decide which person in my relationship owns what.

And it all keeps growing by the day. We contemplate moving, or getting storage, or finding someone to store it, instead of parting with it.

The point of this reflection? That George Carlin (who died on this day in 2008) was right about "stuff." Watch the video above and you too will start to see the ridiculousness of your hoarding habits. Even more ridiculous: I have to warn you that, gasp, there is cursing in the video. There you go.

Just in case you want more stuff to your life, here's

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Weekly Roundup of eBay Vintage Home Finds

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