Funk Music Pioneer George Clinton Remembers His Worst Drug Trip

He described an experience with angel dust as "sad and morbid."

Funk pioneer George Clinton sat down with HuffPost Live on Tuesday and looked back on the lessons he learned from his worst drug trip.

Clinton, who's been open about his past drug use, said he's "only had a few" negative experiences with controlled substances, but there's one that stands out in particular.

"I accidentally got angel dust … which they call 'wet' or 'dip' today, same stuff from the '60s, but accidentally getting that and thinking because I had acid, I could handle anything," he told host Alex Miranda. "It was exactly the opposite of that because it was that same height of happiness going the other way, going downward. And that was sad and morbid, and I never enjoyed that."

Clinton added that the experience made him more cautious of certain drugs.

"That was one of the ones I don't ever want to forget because that makes me careful about what I take," he said.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with George Clinton here.

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