George And Amal Clooney Adopted A Very Lucky Shelter Dog Named Millie

Now *that's* what we call a Hollywood ending.

A dog found begging for scraps outside a California restaurant just got adopted by George and Amal Clooney.

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

Millie is a 4-year-old Bassett hound who came into the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society earlier this month, having been discovered outside a local restaurant called the Macho Café.

The couple first saw Millie's picture on Petfinder, and then showed up at the shelter to meet her, says shelter spokesperson Lynn Collmann.

"It definitely added to the excitement on one of our busiest afternoons when we do vaccinations for the public," Collmann says.

A spokesman for George Clooney confirmed that the couple adopted Millie from the shelter "and they love her."

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

The Clooneys brought their other doggie Louie as well, to make sure that he and Millie would get along. They spent an hour and a half playing, and asking questions of (thrilled) shelter staff.

"They took the time to get to know her and vice versa, making sure she was a good fit for their other rescue dog, and would be a good family member," says Collmann.

With a rags-to-riches story worthy of Hollywood, Millie then left the shelter a Clooney.

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

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