George Clooney Torches Donald Trump's 'Rampant Dumbf**kery' In Parody PSA

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Tucker Carlson also come under fire in the movie star's bid to counter the "epidemic of dumb f**k idiots."

George Clooney is done with the “rampant dumbfuckery” of people like President Donald Trump who question scientific research and spread disinformation on issues like climate change and vaccinations.

The movie star called for people to counter the “epidemic of dumb fuck idiots” (including White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Fox News host Tucker Carlson) who spread scientific disinformation in a parody public service announcement on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Clooney noted science had given “unprecedented knowledge of the natural world from subatomic particles to the majesty of space.”

But “rampant dumbfuckery” now threatens “our health, our security and now our planet,” he added. Clooney did offer a comedic way to “win the war against dumbfuckiness,” however.

Find out how in the clip above.

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