87-Year-Old Hilariously Humbles George Clooney In 'Generation Gap' Game

The actor asked the deciding question between Bobbe, 87, and Asiyah, 15, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

George Clooney may be an international movie star but he doesn’t shine everywhere. (See the clip below.)

In a game of “Generation Gap” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday, Bobbe Windham, 85, and Asiyah Hernandez, 15, answered trivia questions from each other’s era. For instance, Kimmel asked Bobbe about Baby Yoda, while Asiyah had to identify the Gerber baby.

Asiyah was getting the best of her octogenarian foe when Clooney stepped in to ask the potential deciding question for Bobbe.

“Which actor was the best Batman?”

“You were, but I can’t think of your name,” Bobbe answered.

Humbled George, who played the Caped Crusader in 1997’s “Batman & Robin,” eventually responded, “Brad Pitt.”

It got funnier. Watch below.

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