George Clooney Jokes About Proving Marriage Skeptics Wrong

The actor and his wife, Amal, recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

George and Amal Clooney recently celebrated two years of wedded bliss, and it sounds like the couple couldn’t be happier. 

The actor joked about his anniversary with Entertainment Tonight at a Los Angeles benefit Saturday night, saying, “And they said it wouldn’t last. Ah, we proved ‘em wrong!” 

The 55-year-old said that he and Amal “mostly drank” to celebrate, though he put in a little work in the kitchen. 

“I made dinner,” Clooney said, without revealing his dish of choice. “We had a very romantic second anniversary.”

But when asked about the well-being of his friend Brad Pitt, who recently split from Angelina Jolie, his wife of two years, the actor played coy. 

“I don’t know,” Clooney said, “I haven’t talked to him.” 

Clooney’s reaction was much different when he first heard the news, by way of a CNN reporter at a United Nations conference. When the journalist asked the actor’s thoughts on the split, Clooney appeared visibly shaken and at a loss for words. 

“I didn’t know that,” he said. “I feel very sorry then. That’s a sad story and unfortunate for a family. It’s an unfortunate story about a family. I feel very sorry to hear that.” 



George and Amal Clooney