George Clooney Has Motorcycle Accident Scare In Sardinia

A car collided with him head-on at an intersection.

George Clooney was quickly released from a hospital on the Italian island of Sardinia Tuesday after his scooter was hit by a car, NBC News reported.

“He is recovering at his home and will be fine,” Clooney’s rep told HuffPost.

Clooney collided with a Mercedes when it cut into his path at an intersection, Carabinieri Lt. Alberto Cicognani told NBC.

The driver of the other vehicle tended to Clooney until emergency workers arrived, local outlet La Nuova reported.

An ambulance took Clooney to the nearest hospital, where an MRI scan revealed that the actor was not seriously injured, according to police and health officials.

CNN reported that Clooney also told the police that he was “fine.” The star later told CNN that he was traveling at 65 miles per hour before the head-on impact and that “it’s good to be alive.”

TMZ reported that the crash was more dramatic than originally thought. The actor was thrown 20 feet and his helmet cracked as it shattered the car’s windshield, according to the site, which said it confirmed the details with Clooney’s rep.

Video of the crash was released later, showing the other vehicle suddenly veering into Clooney’s lane to presumably make a turn. The impact launched him into the air.

Clooney is filming the “Catch-22” Hulu series (based on the Joseph Heller novel) on the Italian island ― and he was apparently on his way to the set.

La Nuova noted that the star complained of slight pain in his pelvis and bruises to a leg and an arm.

Clooney and his wife, Amal, left the hospital together in a private car, La Nuova added.

Clooney has a Lake Como home on the Italian mainland.

In 2007, Clooney suffered a hairline rib fracture and then-girlfriend Sarah Larson had a broken foot after a motorcycle crash with a car in New Jersey.

This article was updated with more details about the crash, as well as comments from both Clooney and his rep.

Clarification: Language in this story has been amended to clarify that Carabinieri Lt. Alberto Cicognani spoke to NBC and not to HuffPost.

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