George Clooney Is Directing A Movie About The Phone Hacking Scandal

The phone hacking scandal hasn't exactly been the sexiest story for Americans, but that's all going to change now that George Clooney is directing a movie about it.

Variety reports that Clooney is set to helm an adaptation of "Hack Attack," the book about the whole Murdoch mess by Guardian reporter Nick Davies, who broke the original hacking scandal wide open.

This is great for so many reasons. First, because the phone hacking story is an awesome one full of dramatic twists and turns. Second, because it is a story that fairly overflows with killer, scenery-chewing parts. There's crusty billionaire media shark Rupert Murdoch himself, of course, but also polarizing redhead Rebekah Brooks, evil genius Andy Coulson, the many Murdoch children, the Guardian reporters, and that's before we even get into all the actual celebrities and other famous people whose phones were hacked into. Who will play Jude Law? Who will play Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant and JK Rowling and Prince Harry and Sienna Miller?

Clooney is also a very appropriate choice to direct — after all, he was last seen shaming another British tabloid, the Daily Mail. And, being George Clooney, Suave Hollywood Icon, he'll get a lot of really good actors for all the really good roles.

(In case you hadn't noticed we are very excited.)