George Clooney Pimps Electric Car, Sheryl Crow Launches Eco Fashion Line, Cindy Crawford Models For Sigg

George Clooney's Electric Car

He's on the market again and ready to cruise in the sexiest bachelor wheels - a Tesla Roadster. George is expected to get his electric dream machine next month. Meanwhile, the newly single George now rides in an electric car built (appropriately) for one - the Tango one-seater. And, he's committed to his eco-driving, adding, "We are going to have to find a way to get away from oil. It has start with someone, somewhere, changing policy. I try and be photographed in the Tango and hope someone thinks it's a good idea."

Sheryl Crow's Eco Fashion Line:

The singer wants to put her designs on the eco-fashion world. Sheryl has teamed up with Western Glove Works and plans to create a denim-based collection. When it comes to fashion, this eco-chick already goes green. She's known to donate bags and bags of unworn clothes to her local secondhand shop every six months.

Cindy Crawford's A Green Model:

The ex-supermodel is thirsty to make the world a better place. For starters, she's kicked her 6 bottles a day water habit, and now uses a reusable bottle and has even designed her own eco-chic water bottle (proceeds go to Children's Safe Drinking Water). She's also ditched the plastic bags in her home, buys locally grown foods, and stopped phone books from being delivered to her house. Did you know? Phone books make up almost 10% of waste at dumpsites.
Via: ecorazzi