George Clooney Rides Motorcycle, Goes Boating With Stacy Keibler In Lake Como

Motorcycles and yachts? We get it, George Clooney: James Bond has got nothing on you.

The silver fox turned Lake Como into Swoon City on Monday when he was spotted going for a motorcycle ride with a friend before meeting up with girlfriend Stacy Keibler for an afternoon at sea.

The duo has been vacationing in Italy to celebrate their one-year anniversary. But one year together doesn't mean the couple are ready to start a family together.

After unflattering photos of Keibler hit the Internet this week, rumors that the former WWE wrestler was pregnant started to fly. But sources later told TMZ that the rumors were just that -- "100 percent false."

Check out George in action below:

george clooney motorcycle

george clooney motorcycle



George Clooney And Stacy Keibler On Vacation